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Welcome to Bordikar’s Podar Learn School!

Each student is a unique individual with different interests, talents and learning styles. And keeping this in mind, here at Bordikar’s Podar Learn School, we strive to provide students with access to constructive education that engage and taps into their specific interests and aspirations. We are passionate about ensuring excellence in education for every child and will put your child’s needs at the heart of our school. Here, students will Succeed, Thrive and Love Learning!

Mission: Bringing a Change
We strive to nurture and transform children’s natural passion for learning to help bring that change that the world needs.

Vision: Learning for All
We want to ensure that all the children acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to make purposeful contributions to their employability, productivity, health and well-being in the years to come and this is what will guarantee that the community and the nation thrives.


Welcome to Bordikar’s Podar Learn School! Here, we work towards bringing the Curriculum to Life through the efforts of our teachers, and creating an educational environment for our children that is well organized and stimulating. We want to help our students realize their full potential, so that they don’t hesitate to Dream Big! Sincerely,


Schooling may be a bit different now but this will not change our focus and commitment to serving our students with care and dedication. We are truly grateful that you have given us the opportunity to play an important role in the learning and growth of your child during their crucial years of development. Best Regards,


Classroom Technology
Modern laboratories for Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
Well Equipped
Computer Lab
Well Set Library
Playground and Sports Facilities

Our Core Values


Having respect and care for each other, towards ourselves and the environment too.

Love of Learning

Encouraging curiosity, creativity and critical thinking to learn more and grow.


Developing children’s character by teaching them to learn from their experiences and mistakes.


Staying strong and working towards our goals in spite of obstacles.

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