Bordikar’s Podar Learn School’s Vision of ‘Learning for All’ means equal access to the basic skills and content needed for future learning. We are committed to an all-round development for our children. Our focus is on helping every student to strive for personal excellence and academic growth. The efforts and potential of the students, combined with the support of parents, the faculty, and the School, determine the students’ academic success.


There is no boundary for knowledge and creativity here. We offer a multidimensional academic approach for our students, encouraging and giving the students freedom to explore and learn.


The students at Bordikar’s Podar Learn School are challenged and stimulated through the rich and sequenced, nationally accepted CBSE curriculum. This curriculum is flexible and adaptable to not only the latest developments and trends in the field of education, but even catering to the needs of the specific school and its students. This board is quite comprehensive and broad, offering students a wide spectrum of subject choices, which allows them to develop tools to creatively solve problems in a changing and complex world.

Our Faculty

Our faculty members create an active partnership with the students. With their experience and collaboration, they encourage students to think broadly, historically and critically.


At Bordikar’s Podar Learn School, we aim to create a nurturing, homelike and supportive academic environment for everyone.

We also believe that our students leave our school with an internalized sense of the school’s mission of ‘Bringing a Change’ – through the values of perseverance and love of learning, and responsibility to serve the country and community with respect and wisdom.