About Us

Development depends on the knowledge and skills that people acquire and for this learning needs to be encouraged early and often, both inside and outside of the formal schooling system. Here, at Bordikar’s Podar Learn School, we want to build a strong foundation for our students so that they always stay curious and encouraged to learn more. This curiosity will help them as they mature and develop their various skills and abilities. With the combined perseverance and dedication of the school and the students we strive to transform and shape these young minds into tomorrow’s smart citizens.

School Motto

Sapientia melior auro

Our School’s motto means “Wisdom is better than gold”.  The motto reminds students that the effort, the labor that they put into gaining knowledge each day of their lives, is an eternal treasure that will keep rewarding you at every stage of your life. Wisdom builds a person’s character and hence, it is a virtue worth pursuing rather than wealth. A wise person has good understanding, is able to make proper judgments, able to discern right and wrong, is curious and versatile. These are the qualities that we want to inculcate in our children so that they grow to become wonderful intellectual individuals.